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I am overwhelmed with the popularity of MoSoap!  Right now, (update 11/17/15) I am running a month behind in shipping.  Most of the items are sold out.  I will restock the online store as soon as possible.  Any outstanding orders are my first priority and I am getting all of them out as fast as possible.  If you have an outstanding order and would like to cancel due to the delay, please let me know as I completely understand. 

Thank you so much as always and I truly do appreciate your business.   Debra


Specializing in old fashioned lye soap, pine tar soaps and herbal balms, MoSoap brand handcrafts vintage family recipes for all to enjoy.  Whether young or old, our soaps provide a link to the past and honor those who have come before us.  As a third generation professional soap maker, whose grandmother learned from her grandmother, I enjoy offering these simple, humble soaps to you that my family has made for many years.

A few of our items are no longer in our line up like bulk log soaps.  These will return in late fall of 2015 but for the spring and summer, I am not offering them.

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