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Shipping Rates

Two important facts about our shipping:

*MoSoap does not charge a handling fee to mail your package - we never have and never will.

*If your box is lighter than our estimate, we adjust the shipping price. If your box weights more than our estimate, MoSoap pays the difference. We don't believe our internet, mail order or call in customers should be penalized with extra charges like handling.

For 99% of our customers, you must pay shipping in order to buy from us. We do not charge our local customers for their bags and samples, so why should you be penalized for being too far to stop by and visit us?

While we think our soaps are the best around, we know you don't want to pay more than you have to for using them. Recently you may have noticed that gasoline prices have gone up and so have shipping rates. We must estimate the weight of your package when you order.

A customer purchased 1 Bar of Basic Lye Soap for $3.00. His shipping for 1 pound ( UPS rounds up to the nearest pound) was $9.30 to south Florida - more then 3 times the cost of the soap! He did not wish to use US Priority Postal Mail which was $3.85 for his own reasons. In fact, he became quite upset with us that we would suggest using the $3.85 option and save him some money. So from now on, when you order on-line you must tell us you want the BEST RATE or we will ship your order as you selected and not second guess what you may want.

Feel free to check the shipping rates at US Postal Service. Our address is listed below. If you check on Parcel post rates, realize we will add an additional $ .75 for delivery confirmation. Many times, Priority Mail is cheaper than Parcel Post once the delivery confirmation is added. It is free for Priority Mail and we pass that savings on to you.

We also try to use USPS Flat Rate Boxes and Envelopes whenever possible to save you money. We prefer using US Priority Mail because the postal service offers free boxes...something else you aren't paying for! Do be aware Priority Mail does not mean it leaves our shop faster. We DO NOT offer parcel post so it's Priority Mail (3 -4 day shipping service) or UPS Ground (1-6 day service).

Any more questions? Please just ask. I always want our customers to feel that MoSoap offers fair and reasonable pricing.

Thanks for understanding and reading,


Debra Hendron Founder

For mailing and inquires write to us at:

MoSoap Arcadia Valley Soap Co. 112 S Main St. Ironton, Missouri 63650

Phone Number (573) 546- 7627 or SOAP

email us at