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Special Miscut Brown Lye Soap blocks

Miscut Block of Brown Lye Soap

$ 32.00

Only 2 available!

Somedays the wires snap on my cutter if I don't cut the soap soon after making it.  This 2 blocks are the results of that happening, and then becoming sidetracked and forgetting to finish cutting them  No one said I was clever.  Reap the savings of my mistake and buy up these 61 ounce + miss cut blocks of soap.   

Our Brown Lye Soap is made with sugar to help boost lather.  It was an old fashioned trick when soap makers did not have the luxury of ordering online tropical oils like coconut to make their soap lather better.  This is a medium strength old time lye soap recipe that good for most all skin types except for very dry.

You will receive one block of soap pictured - the first order will receive the 67 oz (4lb 1oz) chunk and the second order placed will receive the 61 oz( 3 lb 8 oz) chunk.   You will have to cut these with a saw or grate down.  They will not simply cut with a guitar wire cutter or kitchen knife.  They are mis-shapened and you will not be able to cut into perfect bars - or I would have keep them.   Your are paying roughly 49 cents at most per ounce before shipping.

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