New Year, new store and new site

Hello all you lovely MoSoap people out there!

2015 has certainly started off with some excitement in my soapmaking life.  How is yours going so far?

Welcome to our new website here at  I'm building as I type so bare with me please.  After 11 years with Yahoo Small Business, my site suddenly disappeared.  I changed nothing, didn't move the DNS or servers and boom - it and all my email was gone.  So I have spent the last 2 weeks working on trying to get it back and Yahoo informed me they didn't know why and to hire someone.  I did nothing and after 11 years of paying them with rarely an issue, I thought they could have double checked for me but no.  So, I'm taking my little site and moving it to Shopify now.  Seems easy enough and it has some features I didn't have with Yahoo, so all things work for good!

The soap shop in Ironton is working out well.  My wonderful in-store customers have been amazing and extremely supportive of my soap business.  The back of the shop is still under construction but I had the front part open for the winter holidays.  Now that Valentines is here, I think I'll just work Friday and Saturdays over there and focus on the web orders all the other days.  I still make soap in the Hotel but hopefully I'll have the back of the shop finished by April and be over there full time.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has stuck by me, called or ordered while the site was missing.

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