Why no soap available?

Why no soap available?

If you are looking for your favorite MoSoap soap, and it's not available - I'm sorry.  Going into Thanksgiving week of Black Friday and Shop Small Saturday are two of my busiest days both online and for the physical shop.  I ended up being closed due to the creeping crud that was floating around my town.  

With extreme exhaustion and tons of orders, I had to cancel a lot of them with no hope of having anything out for Christmas.  I am slowly coming back and catching up as of Dec. 19th which is too late for Christmas delivery in most every case.  

While shopping small business is great - you can actually call and talk to the person that makes your product, and you have a direct impact on their livelihood, truly small business isn't Amazon.  

So, I apologize to all the people I let down with orders but there was no way I could see, nor would my husband let me work any longer (he actually likes me!) that I could keep up with online and the store.  

The week after Christmas I will have everything back in stock and ready to ship again.  You all support me throughout the year, which made it possible to close and rest when I needed to, and I greatly appreciate that!  

Thanks for your patience as always,


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