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Pine Tar Soap

Old and young will find these pine tar soaps refreshing and loaded with lather. We make no claims on these soaps on what they do for some folks, but they are our most popular soaps.

Sweden is the home of old time pine tar in our opinion and we now use kiln-burnt pine tar imported from Sweden. Kiln-burnt pine tar contains no creosote and is hand made still to this day.

The highest percentage of pine tar soaps listed are the Black Pine Tar Soap, Swedish Pine Tar Soap or the Shampoo Bar all containing around 25-28% pine tar. All of our other Pine Tar Soaps have roughly 15% pine tar in the recipe. The Black Pine Tar Soaps contain lard, while all of our other pine tar soaps are vegetable based.  The Swedish Pine Tar soaps contain no coconut oil.