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Lip Balms

You'll find two different formulas to choose from here at MoSoap because we know not everyone is the same.

For those with sensitivities to nut oils, we suggest trying our Olive Oil Lip Balm. Its light weight in feel yet helps ease dry, chapped lips fast.

Super-duper moisturizing organic cocoa butter is what makes these gold tube lip balms special. Offered in a range of scents, you'll love this rich butter formula for dry lips.

All of our lip balms are unsweetened. Why you ask do we do such a thing? We all know that sweet lip balms are tasty! But it's because by adding sweeteners you lick your lips more, and that leads to drying your lips out more....and it becomes a vicious cycle of dry lips. But maybe we would sell more lip balm if I did that???? Nope, I'd rather have you buy because you like it, not because it dries out your lips and you use it more. See, we're so SWEET already at MoSoap, our lip balms don't need it. How's that for an explanation?