Gone until Sept. 7th 2023

It's been a crazy summer and I have very much appreciated all the support from everyone keeping me busy here at MoSoap.com   There have been a few problems with ingredients - namely my beloved pine tar!  I haven't been able to order the style I am use to from the company I have always used for near 15 years.  So I am behind on pine tar soaps, never a good thing.  While I only had to refund 2 orders, I am currently out of pine tar so I will be waiting for my shipment. 

I figured it's just easier to put all the products out of stock than have just a few and people asking for pine tar.

Also the website email system is acting up and emails aren't received by people and it's saying all sorts of error messages to me when I go to send.  Why it suddenly changed, I'm not sure but that needs to be addressed.

So, I'm going to take some time off and will return Sept. 7th.  We will just start this party in the fall again.  Hope to see you then!

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