Catching up by August 3rd!

Catching up by August 3rd!

Thank you all again for your patience with missing boxes and slow shipping.  Never in my 22 years of soap making have I had so many order and they were mostly 3 items in particular, Traditional, and the 2 different salves I made.  I ran out of jars, there wasn’t enough clover yet blooming on the hillside so I had to order red clover, it was just crazy town.   But with that being said, I will have all remaining orders out by tomorrow August 3rd.  

The missing boxes threw me as I had given them to a friend to drop off  just 3 blocks away.   Well, after replacing the orders I have learned my dear friend had a “moment” and forgot they were in her trunk. While we laughed, I understand people being unhappy with the delay of me replacing what was never shipped.  At least they were not stolen!  

Anyway, thanks as always to all you wonderful soap people! I do appreciate each and every one of you for your kindness.  


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