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Shampoo Bars

What makes a soap a shampoo bar? We believe it's the high percentage of rich castor bean oil. With its wonderful conditioning properties, castor oil helps give shampoo it's dense lather.

What's different about handmade shampoo and soap? As with our other hand made soaps, the naturally forming ingredient of glycerin is created when soap is made. Glycerin is a strong humectant that attracts moisture. While that's great for your skin and scalp to prevent dryness, it's not always great on your hair. Those with fine, thin hair, may feel it weights their hair down. With commercial synthetic shampoos, there are additives to leave hair fluffy and light. By using the natural style shampoo soap, if you find it's too heavy feeling for your hair, you can either dilute the soap into a liquid or follow shampooing with a vinegar rinse.

We have some simple instructions and recipes you can download. It's in Adobe Acrobat Reader (pdf). Download our instructions here