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Laundry & Kitchen Soaps

Just think soap is for your face and body? Not if you know a good soapmaker! MoSoap makes laundry and kitchen soap to help you fight dirt and grime along with making your hands and clothes feel great.

If you use our soaps for bathing, consider trying our laundry soaps too. Itchy collars and waist bands could be from synthetic detergents and artificial fragrances that bother your skin.

Want to learn how I use our laundry soap? Read our section on Laundry Soap with recipes for extending the soap and reducing the price per load!

Customer Comments:

"I have been using your soap for the last 2 years for poison ivy. It is wonderful. It does not dry out my skin or my hair. I shampoo with it at least once a week. I purchased it in bulk and have given to several friends. I had previously spent a fortune on medicines to treat the condition, now I use the soap as a preventative and as a treatment when necessary. Thank you." Sherry in TX

"I love these products! Not only does our family use the lye soap for bathing, but I also grate it (Basic Lye Soap)and use it along with regular washing powder when doing the laundry. This way if there is any poison ivy oils in my boys clothes the lye soap usually eliminates it. I've heard that the poison ivy oil can live up to 5 years in clothing." A.F. in Ohio

"I purchased the (Traditional) gentle lye soap. It works great. My face kept breaking out from the chemicals found in the supermarket and superstore type soaps. Finally with this basic, simple soap my face looks 100% better. I highly recommend this store." Victoria in Michigan

"The soap that I received was of the highest quality, and the service was very personal. I would highly recomment MoSoap to anyone looking for lye soap products." Shawn in South Carolina