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Swedish Pine Tar Soap

$ 5.95 
Pure kiln burnt pine tar blended with an old fashioned palm olive soap formula, it's that simple. With it's heavy smokey smell, pine tar fans will love this long lasting bar.

4.5 ounce bar.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Water, Pine Tar, Sustainable Palm Oil, Lye and Castor Oil.

Customer Comments:


I've used pine tar soaps for years, not because of skin conditions, but the grocery store soaps have become too WIMPY to leave you clean- I consider myself to be a bit of a "pine tar snob"- and I can tell you that your pine tars are the best in the country, as they are REAL pine tar, not just some weak oil poured into glycerin soap, and your bars hold their scent down to the last scrap.

The Swedish pine tar bar is THE PINE TAR experience of a lifetime....If you can, I would make a small version of this available, in my opinion, it is NOT to be missed....It leaves you feeling really clean like nothing I have experienced before....Thanks so very much....." Linda in Nevada

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