Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Thank you all so much for choosing to shop online here at or coming into our shop in Ironton, Missouri this holiday season.  It certainly didn't turn out like I expected as we made it to Thanksgiving, decorated, had our Open House and then boom.....Shanda and I both became exposed to CoVID and we had to close the store.  While we are once again back and healthy, I'm just not as fast right now as I use to be but I am getting better.  As I type, my lye water is cooling and the lard is melting as I am back to soaping while the shop is closed.

I hope to have all the orders out by tomorrow, Dec. 29th and I can't thank everyone for their patience.  I think most of you know that have dealt with me over the years is that I'm not the fastest at shipping.  I still always think I have enough soap in stock, and then a tour bus comes to the soap store, and we are deleted.  It's a 3 week process to get soap back on the shelf.  For 2022, I will be trying to link the inventory for online and the shop better but since we have the 2 websites ( and I can only link one.

Again, thanks so much for sticking with me throughout the years - 2021 was my 20th Anniversary online and making soap in Missouri.  It came and went without much fanfare as I was just too busy making soap and fixing buildings.  Maybe I'll do something fun for my 25th soapmaking party!


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