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Brown Lye Soap

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My grandfather always would say "hand me that little brownie soap in the cabinet" when he was working in his wood shop. This is a medium strength soap (in between our strong Basic and gentle Traditional Lye Soaps) that is good for just about anything from a facial bar to even rubbing on dresser drawers to make them slide easier! I told you he used it in his wood shop - for everything from packing on camping trips to washing the dog. It's the happy medium of our lye soaps - not the best on poison ivy itches but not bad, not the gentlest for delicate skin but good. It's that, "if you have to have only one soap to make do" then this is it.

Why is it brown? Back in the day when all you had was lard and lye to make your soap, a soapmaker needed something to make the soap lather a bit better than costly castor oil or coconut oils. The answer was sugar. Think of the natural color of this lye soap as caramel. What happens when you burn sugar or heat it? It's turn a lovely caramel color and that's exactly the reason for this brown lye soap. It's fragrance free but does have a light, naturally sweet scent which does fade over time

Each bar is 4.5 ounces approximately and has a nice lather.

It's our vintage family recipe that is made the same way today with Lard, Water, Lye and Sugar

No reviews