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Black Herbal Salve 3.5 oz

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Great for dry, cracked hands and feet.

Our special blend of rich castor oil infused with wildcrafted herbs plus Swedish pine tar creates a soothing hand or foot cream style balm. It's a thick herbal salve that can be used for a variety of purposes. Herbs included in our family recipe are Red Clover, Yarrow, Calendula and Lavender all of which are grown on in Missouri.
3.5 ounce amber glass jar

Ingredients: Castor Oil infused with herbs, Pine Tar, Beeswax, Essential Oil Blend of Lavender and Tea Tree, and Vitamin E

Customer Comments:

"I love how this makes my dry hands feel." Betty C in Missouri

"The black herbal salve is terrific. It has brought instant relief to various skin disturbances, such as poison ivy, boils, and even prickly heat rash. I am the mother of four sons, so you can imagine how many jars I can go through in a spring season. The delivery was very prompt and I appreciate the free sample that is put in my order." Thanks, Arleen in Ohio

No reviews