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White Basic Lye Soap with Red and White paper label packaging

Basic Lye Soap

$ 5.25 
Simply basic, non-moisturizing, fragrance-free lye soap - nothing added to make it anything more than that! It's the one that leaves you "squeaky clean" and is great for those with extra oily skin.

There's no excess lye to hurt the skin, but most soapmakers like to make soaps that are soothing to the skin. This isn't the soap for that.  We recommend our Traditional Lye Soap if you want a great everyday bath bar.  Our Basic Lye Soap won't leave clothes smelling rancid (that means too much excess oil in the soap), makes a great spot cleaner and works wonders on poison oak and ivy.

4.5 ounce bar

This vintage recipe soap is made exactly like my grandmother made it with lard, water and lye (sodium hydroxide).

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