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Black Pine Tar Soap - Fragrance Free

$ 5.95 
MoSoap's Black Pine Tar Soap is loaded with pine tar! Just read what our customers have to say regarding how this soap works for them.

Pine tar is the second ingredient on our list of ingredients (not just a dab for label appeal) so you are assured of receiving a true thick, black pine tar soap. 

You'll receive a 4.5 ounce bar.

Ingredients: lard, pine tar, water, lye and castor oil.

Black Pine Tar Fragrance-free soap will have the smell of pine tar which is a natural smoky scent.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

This is the only soap I will use. I have tried so many different brands and will only buy MoSoap. Been using it for years. I love it!

Dan Young
Great soap

I am a retired firefighter and the smell of this soap is just wonderful!
Thank you

Michael Seals
elated that i found this company

When I read that the scent of this pine tar soap was too strong, I designated a specific expletive to the reviewer, and immediately added it to the cart. They were right though. The scent is quite strong. It took me a few days to figure out why I loved the smell in spite of it not being exactly pleasant in the traditional sense. I had quite the adventurous childhood and exploring burned out abandoned buildings was one of my favorite things in the world to do. This soap smells exactly like a dang house fire and I love it.

If you do not love the smell of house fires, do not let that dissuade you from trying the soap though. While the scent is quite strong in the shower, it does not stay with you. I even washed my beard with it in hopes of smelling it all night, but to no avail. The burnt pine scent fades very quickly. The soap also works very well and one will likely grow to appreciate the scent for its utility. I work in a hospital and I also engage in a sweaty violence snuggle (jiujitsu) five to seven days a week and have had no issues. I have also noticed that I no longer get razor bumps from shaving my head once I started using the pine tar soap (I always washed after shaving - but the complete lack of bumps is new).

In short, do not hesitate to try this soap! I have no reason to get soap elsewhere for as long as these guys are in business.

Really clean with no residue

Great natural scent actually leaves you feeling squeaky clean because it rinses so well. My second order of 10.

Love this soap! Use for poison Ivy

I love this soap. If you're like me you get poison ivy bad enough that you need steroids. Well this is my go to! It's starts to dry up my poison ivy in 3 days and I feel the relief immediately. I'm in love with this product and have suggested it to friends.