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Grated lye soap for laundry DIY laundry soap

Grated Lye Soap

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$ 7.95 
Our Basic lye soap is grated down for a variety of uses. Priced by the pound, you can purchase just the amount you need. It's fragrance-free and very low lathering as it does not contain coconut or other oils that help soap to lather. This is the true old time washing soap flakes. 

Some of our customers add baking soda, borax or other ingredients - that's up to you. We just make the soap that cleans!

For those suffering for skin problems and find our regular bars soaps to work for them, think about what you use for washing your clothes too. Commercial detergents are filled with synthetic foaming ingredients that may leave clothes with irritants. If you find yourself with bothersome collars or waistbands - think about the soap you are using to wash your clothes with - those red, itchy areas could be from harsh detergents in your laundry soap.

One pound bag. Ingredients: Lard, Water and Lye.

No reviews